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If you want to learn more, simply schedule your free 1:1 consult when we can discuss your goals and see if you're a fit for the next program. 

But basically, you watch short videos on your own time about the week's theme, discuss with us and others online, and meet for weekly conversations with us. You'll get custom worksheets that help you move toward your goal of completing a proposal ready for an agent or acquisitions editor.

We will also have live Q&A calls with industry professionals such as an agent, acquisitions editor, published author or another expert. These will be banked for you to access over time if you decide to hang out in the community beyond the five week course.

SESSION ONE: This is a Journey, Not a Destination

Thinking outside the book

How to write your book

How to not write your book

Pitches and proposals

Fueling your creativity

SESSION Two: The Proposal

The Hook and Overview 

Look Like a Professional by Explaining the Competition with a simple Market Analysis

An Exciting Table of Contents

Engaging Chapter Summaries

A Marketable Format and Style

Create a Realistic Time Frame

WEEK Three: Platforms

An Impressive but Unpadded Bio

Building Your Soapbox

Landing Media Quotes 

Considering Partnerships

WEEK Four: Authentic Marketing

Market Yourself Without Feeling Icky

Social Media Tips for Introverts

Organic Networking

WEEK Five: Sending Queries and Receiving Rejections

Classy Queries

Rookie Mistakes

Taking Rejection

Get Help

Why Books Get Rejected

The Details: About
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