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We are clinical psychologists who wanted more from our work, and went out and found it through teaching, writing, presenting and more.
Somehow we pulled it off, and we are excited to share with you what we've learned. You can learn more about each of us below.

Three Horses
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After graduating with a "useless" English bachelor's degree, Chris's love of stories brought him into clinical work. Halfway through his dissertation he looked up on the library shelf and knew he didn't want his work to collect dust at his grad school. He bought "How to Get Your Book Published for Dummies" did exactly what it said, and found himself with a few offers in hand. That was ten years ago.

In the years since, he's led workshops in two dozen countries, presented at TEDx, joined the faculty of Harvard Medical School, landed in the NYTimes, The Washington Post and beyond, and published four self help/parenting books, two workbooks, one clinical manual, one edited volume, six sets of cards, one game, and multiple kids picture books - real kids books, not just those therapeutic kids books.

He can't believe how lucky he's been, and loves helping others bring their creative work to life.

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An introverted extrovert, Michael didn't realize you could share your ideas with the world and not feel like just another salesman. Full time work in college counseling was great, but even at a school for artists something was missing.  That's when Michael decided to shift up his work schedule, start writing again, and pitch what eventually became his first TEDx talk on the power of introverts. Since then, while chasing around his one year old, you'll find him even more energized and inspired, working on his podcast series, writing for his regular blog on Psychology Today, and like you, working on his fist book!

Check him out on facebook, linkedin, instagram and twitter.
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