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  • You don’t need an agent to work with a major publisher

  • You can market yourself and not feel icky or self-promotional

  • You don’t even need write a whole book to get a deal, and you probably shouldn’t

  • You don’t need a big social media presence 

  • Anyone can get quoted in major media outlets, and land prestigious speaking engagements

  • Your writing, teaching, clinical and healing work can all inform your creative process and bring meaning back to your career

Group Discussion


  • Live weekly mentorship from published author-therapists

  • An e-book with weekly prompts and reflections that move you toward your goal

  • A community of authors with you on your journey

  • Learn how to get discovered, and the truth about self-publishing, agents, advance sizes and more

  • Finish with a proposal ready for agents or acquisitions editors



We help you shape and bring your ideas to life in a book, program or talk that you know can impact more than just one client or classroom at a time.

Your live teachers have successfully published more than a dozen books, plus cards and games, from clinical manuals to self help to kids books and more. We’ve been invited to teach at prestigious conferences and universities in two dozen countries around the world, and are now looking to share with our creative colleagues how to become successful authors in addition to your day job.

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We are psychologists and former teachers who wanted more from our work than punching in clinical hours. We went out and found it through teaching, writing, presenting and more. And, we are excited to share with you what we've learned. Read more about each of us here.



Each week listen to or watch videos on the week’s theme, and then share questions and discussion in our live phone call/zoom sessions. By the end of the course, you will have developed a book proposal with a strong hook, including a marketing plan, built a supportive community for your work, and created a plan for publishing….

More details are here, and then set up a free 1:1 call about your goals and fit for the course.

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Click the schedule link above to set up a free 1:1 call about your goals and we can all decide if you and your goals are fit for the course.


Psychotherapy Networker Participant

"Great interactive exercises and creative ways of getting real information across - overall I was really impressed with this workshop and I don't impress easily!"

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